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Data protection / Henkilötietolain (523/99) 10 §:n mukainen rekisteriseloste

Registrar Royal-tuote, 
Sänkipolku 4, 
45360 Valkeala Finland

Person in charge of register Anna Lintu 

Rekisterin nimi Verkkokaupan asiakasrekisteri

The purpose of using the personal data The register is only used maintenance  of customer relationship between the customer and Royal-tuote. Making an order does not require a registration.

The information content of the register Basic information of the customer: customer number, last name, first name, address, phone number, email, order history and order’s tracking information. 
Customer’s permission to send marketing communications is also saved to the reqistry.

When do we collect your data? Contact information will be saved during customer’s registration. Other information will be saved while the customer is shopping at the webshop.

Data sharing We will never pass your information to third parties

How do we protect your information? We use the commonly used data protection system. Accessing the register requires a personal username and password. Those are only given to those members of staff who need the information to carry out their duties

Copying the texts and the images on the website is forbidden without permission

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