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FAQ – Frequently asked questions

If you didn’t find an answer to a question, you can ask us by e-mail:

1. Can I order products now and add more products later?

  • Yes you can. If you order products that are currently in stock and wish to leave the order open, in case of upcoming new products, make the order through our webshop and mention in the ‘additional details’ –section that the order remains waiting. Note! Remember to always mention that your order is waiting or that you already have waiting orders when you’re in the checkout, so that we we will be able to track and combine the right orders.
  • If you pay the delivery costs of the package in the first time you order, you can choose Pickup as the delivery method on the second time.

2. Can I order products from the ’Upcoming fabrics’ –section?

  • Unfortunately not. The upcoming fabrics will be available only after we have recieved them so you cannot buy them in advance. Upcoming fabrics often arrive at different times and even we don’t always know when we’ll be getting them. That is why we don’t want our customers having to pay for products we cannot give a delivery date.

3. Can I use two discount codes in one order?

  • Unfortunately not. For technical reasons, it is possible to use only one code / order i our webshop.

4. How do I pay with PayPal?

  • Choose the ‘Checkout’ –method of payment at the checkout. When you move forward on the next page, a page opens, where you can choose the PayPal –method of payment.

5. I need my order in a hurry and I mentioned it in the additional details of my order. However, I did not get a quick delivery, why?

  • Messages written to additional details of the order, do not show on the order confirmation (automated message that you receive after making the order) immediately, and we cannot see it immediately either. We can see the additional details  only when we start to process the order / print the order. This is why you should always send us a separate e-mail if your order is in a hurry, so that we’ll be able to pick up your order and deliver it to you in good time.

6. Can I buy from the webshop and pick up my order from the home shop?

  • Yes you can. If you choose Pickup as a delivery method for your order, we will e-mail you when your order is ready. If your order is in a hurry, please e-mail us so we can agree on pick-up time. You can also supplement your order at the home shop, just note that at the home shop.


Copying the images and the texts from our website without our permission is forbidden.

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